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Welcome to the Official KMSAuto website! Here, we provide a range of activators designed to activate any version of Windows and Office. On this page, you’ll find KMS Auto ++ 1.5.9, KMS Auto Lite 1.5.6, and KMS Auto Net 1.5.4. While they share similarities, having multiple versions ensures reliability. If one doesn’t work, you can try another version, increasing your chances of activating Office 2010/2013/2016/2019/2021 and Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.

What is KMSAuto Activator?

The KMSAuto Net Portable utility was crafted by a developer named Ratiborus to tackle the widespread issue of users operating Windows without a valid license.

Utilizing unauthorized software can result in detection and blocking, as it violates regulations against using pirated versions. Your computer may display a countdown, signaling a limited window to obtain a license before losing access to Microsoft products.

To promptly resolve this dilemma, the KMSAuto Net 2024 Portable application was introduced. To initiate, download and execute the program. Then, select the “Activate Windows” option. The program’s algorithm goes into action, persuading the developer’s system that your software is legitimately licensed, thus eliminating any locks or countdowns.

Now you can enjoy the benefits indefinitely until the next detection, provided you exercise caution. For example, disabling the “Install updates” feature during OS installation can decrease the likelihood of detection, thereby lessening the reliance on the KMSAuto program’s functionalities.

This activator operates by utilizing KMSAuto Net Portable, which received an update in 2024. It establishes a virtual server to thwart Windows’ authentication of product information. Afterwards, a license key is injected, bypassing the Microsoft developer discreetly, ensuring uninterrupted system operation.

What can activate using this activator?

  • Microsoft Windows Vista;
  • Microsoft Windows 7;
  • Microsoft Windows 8;
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008;
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1;
  • Microsoft Windows 10;
  • Microsoft Windows 11;
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012;
  • Microsoft Office 2010;
  • Microsoft Office 2013;
  • Microsoft Office 2016;
  • Microsoft Office 2019;
  • Microsoft Office 2021;

Benefits of downloading KMSAuto:

  • The portable version of this activator eliminates the need for installation. Simply extract the executable file from the archive and run it to begin using it immediately.
  •  User-friendly  – the activation procedure initiates entirely automatically; to commence, you’ll only need to click a few buttons and disable Windows Defender.
  •  Safe from Viruses – these activators have been circulating on the internet for many years and are completely safe. You can gauge public opinion by checking discussions on platforms like Quora. However, keep in mind that Windows Defender and antivirus software might flag activators as suspicious due to their illegal nature.
  •  Economize – KMSAuto is completely free and enables you to save money on activating Windows or Office. We don’t encourage hacking the operating system; it’s better to purchase it from the rightful owners.
  •  Dependable Activation – this activator ensures accurate activation without any issues, as confirmed by numerous site visitors.

Download KMSAuto Net + KMSAuto Lite Portable

Dear visitor, by clicking the button below, you’ll be directed to the file download page. There, you’ll find concise instructions on how to handle the file and proceed with the download.

How to use KMS Auto Net?

Alright, esteemed reader, are you prepared to discover how to utilize this tool, acquaint yourself with all the essential steps to activate Windows or Office, and avail them for free? Well then, let’s begin…

Steps to activate Office & Windows using KMSAuto

It’s important to note that the activator is exclusively available in English, but for optimal functionality, it’s advisable to have the necessary hardware.

  • ✍ Your PC must have the .Net Framework 4 package installed.
  • ✍ Administrator privileges are required.

Step 1: Upon completion of the download, it’s necessary to deactivate Windows Defender and any antivirus software. While this step is safe, it’s worth noting that antivirus programs may flag these activators as potentially harmful due to their illegitimate nature.

Before extracting the files from the archive, you have to disable Windows Defender and Antivirus! If you do not disable the Antivirus and Windows Defender – they will delete Activator’s files while unzipping and can’t activate then OS.To see detailed instruction, click any link bellow that match to your version of Windows. Actually you have to turn-off real-time protection, that’s will be enought. After activating you can turn it back on.

Step 2: Then, the next step is to extract all the contents from the zip file into a designated folder. You might require Win-RAR to unzip the file (click here to download Win-RAR). Additionally, when prompted, enter the password “2024” to unlock the archive.

Step 3: Alright, now navigate to the folder containing KMSAuto Net and launch the file named “KMSAuto Net.exe” with administrator privileges. Once opened, click on the “Activation” button.

Activete Windows
If KMSAuto Net didn’t work, can try open from another folder KMSAuto ++ (to activate Windows 11 or Office 2021), it has new version, have more chances to get it worked.

Step 4: Click on “Activate Windows” if you wish to activate Windows, or select “Activate Office” if you’re activating Office. Confirm each prompt from the activator during the activation process. Wait patiently until the activation is complete. Once done, close the program.


Step 5: Congratulations! As you can see, Windows and MS Office have been successfully activated.

Active Windows

It’s advisable to perform this operation on Windows immediately after installation or update; don’t delay it. There’s a possibility that future system updates may prevent this.

Detailed video instruction to activate Windows 10 using KMSAuto Net activator

For better understanding, you can watch a video below demonstrating all the steps. The video, lasting 3 minutes, is available on YouTube and illustrates the process from disabling Windows Defender to completing the activation.

Questions & Answers

Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from visitors to our site. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post them in the comments.

Is KMSAuto Net safe?

Indeed, KMSAuto is completely safe and secure for use. However, it’s important to note that while there are many websites offering it, not all of them are legitimate. As a result, downloading from unauthorized sources may lead to obtaining a virus or trojan instead of the genuine KMSAuto tool.

What diffirence between KMSAuto Net and KMSAuto Lite?

KMSAuto Lite is devoid of complicated components that are only understandable to professionals with extensive experience. Everything is straightforward and accessible!

How to activate Windows 10 using KMSAuto Net?

To activate Windows 10, you’ll need to follow these steps: First, download KMS Auto. Then, disable Windows Defender and any Antivirus software. Next, unzip the activator and run the tool with administrative rights. Finally, in the opened window, navigate to Activation -> Activate Windows.

Is KMSAuto activator free?

Yes, it’s completely free to use and can activate MS Office or Windows without costing you anything. You can utilize this tool whenever and wherever you need without any charge.

What KMSAuto does?

The KMS activator alters the authentication principle of the operating system, leaving the server side untouched. It modifies the client part to make the operating system believe that requests are being sent to the server, completing authentication and activation.

Essentially, the program creates a server within Windows that mimics authenticity. This crucial process, initiated by the program, consumes minimal resources and operates quietly.

What are the alternatives of KMS Auto?

Other tools with similar characteristics include Microsoft Toolkit and KMSPico, both of which are excellent activators. Windows Loader, on the other hand, is primarily suitable for Windows 7. There are also other tools available on the internet, which can be found through a simple Google search.

Final Words

KMSAuto has remained a favorite choice for users over the years, thanks to its effectiveness and user-friendly interface. Now, all your favorite Microsoft products can be accessible with a full range of services and features without any financial investment. The activator seamlessly activates the necessary software without encountering any issues. We’ve provided detailed instructions with screenshots on how to do this. You can download the latest version of the program, which is the most reliable and completely secure, from our website.

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